Ode to my Mistress

How to handle bad moods when striving for 24.7, suggestions?
February 24, 2008, 5:30 pm
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After a grueling week locked in my chastity device and spending much of that time juggling work, family and of course plenty of service to my Mistress i was let out of my device for a weekend furlough.  The device will be placed back on at the beginning of the work week being Monday.

My Mistress has been fighting a brutal cold and i have been doing my best to ensure her needs are met and the kids are taken care of.  Yet, still i can manage to  wake up in the morning sometimes being in a foul mood.   This obviously does not impress Mistress which leads either to longer lock down periods or being completely “ignored” sexually.  i find when i am locked in my cb-6000 it is easier for me to maintain my cheerful, submissive disposition, but when on furlough it creeps away?  Don’t get me wrong, i do experience bad mornings with my device on, especially if i have had no sleep but for some reason i can handle it better.  i am thus faced with a conundrum, am i faced with a life being locked up with no break?  but.. everyone needs a break once in a while?

My question to all of you is how do you maintain your zone of submission when outside of the cage?


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Well I am coming from a Dominants perpective, but I know that my slave hubby has struggled with this same problem. Just a few tips I would suggest would be: 1. Each day come before your Domme and kneel before her. Then thank her for allowing you to serve her and for her controling your orgasms to help make you a better man. 2. Realize your commitment to your Wife, your commitment to remain abstinant, whether caged or not, and be grateful for that. 3. Focus your mind on ways you can enhance her life or something extra you can do to make her day easier. Remember, this lifestyle of D/s is a gift from her. It is a gift you should be thankful for and never, ever take advantage of it.

I am so glad I have come across your blog. I really like it and I will be placing a link to your blog in both my new blog http://www.mrsclaudia.com/fetishblog and my google blog Starting a Femdom Marriage. Keep up the great writing. I am really enjoying it!!! Hugs, MrsClaudia

Comment by MrsClaudia

Mrs. Claudia, you forgot the part about having him burn some incense at a shrine 😉

Other than that, it sounds a lot like a Zen observance.

Which, while I’m at it, might be the way to approach such a drastic change in lifestyle. Stop thinking about what you’re missing, i.e., wanking, and try to focus on being more, uh, focused.

Works for me.

Comment by Tom Allen

Mrs Claudia,
Thank you very much for the words of advise of which i will take to heart. One of the goals of this blog is to capture the best practices of the masses so i can dedicate my life to serving my Mistress. i realize the minute i am not doing that i am less happy and less fulfilled. it is wonderful to have an online community like this to share.
thanks for stopping by, and thank you so much for linking up to me.

Comment by slavetolisa

good point on not focusing on what you’re missing. hmmmmm what should i do for my Mistress tonight?

Comment by slavetolisa

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