Ode to my Mistress

Focusing on Mistress’s needs – what do you do to maintain focus?
February 25, 2008, 8:28 pm
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i want to continue on the theme of living the 24.7 femdom lifestyle despite the challenges and moods that life throws at us. This post is being written as an inspiration to the brilliance of the comments written by both Mrs Claudia and Tom Allen on my previous post. Mrs Claudia’s words of wisdom included “Focus your mind on ways you can enhance her life or something extra you can do to make her day easier. Remember, this lifestyle of D/s is a gift from her.” and Tom wrote “Stop thinking about what you’re missing, i.e., wanking, and try to focus on being more, uh, focused”

So with that i have decided that each week i will take an element of my Mistress’s life and attempt to make that element easier for her. On a household management level:

1. Accelerating her organizational tools (coordinating her planner, organizing her clothes, and getting home on time from work)

2. Ensuring our Bedroom is always in tip-top organized state so that in the morning she always knows where her clothes are for the day.

3. Always ensuring her stuff is put away when she comes home, and encouraging her to drop everything when she gets home only for me to clean up after her.

4. Create a schedule to ensure laundry, bills, cleaning and baths for kids is always done on a specific day.

On an “inner need” level:

1.  Tell her that she is the most important Person in the world to you and are not worthy of her attention

2.  Thank her for controlling your orgasm in making you a better man (thank you Mrs Claudia)

3.  Kneel before her before bed time, requesting permission to come into her bed

4.  Focus on listening to her every word and command aiming to never missing a thing (wow am i shooting high)

These elements are simple things i can do to make the life of my Mistress that much better and my job as a submissive that much more rewarding.

What do you do to focus on your Mistress’s needs?


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Any chance that your Mistress would want you to focus on cleaning and organizing my garage?

Comment by Tom Allen

Sure I would! Just after he does ours! (for the hundredth time!)

Comment by Mistress Lisa

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