Ode to my Mistress

Wild Weekend Journal Entry
March 3, 2008, 3:32 pm
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Saturday started out as any other, a trip to the pub with the family and an evening of good family fun out.  Arriving home from our Saturday night excursion we found our children fast asleep.  i looked at my Mistress and noticed that evil sadistic look she often has.  My cock twitched with excitement only to realize that it was encased in the plastic chastity cage.  With the kids fast asleep and the night was so young i had a feeling that the night was about to get very interesting.  i however did not know how sadistic she might get as that look does not come across her face very often.

Scene 2

the door to our bedroom is locked, and i am left tied to the bed, completely naked except my cb-6000  encased around my genitals. Mistress walks into the room, wearing a fresh pair of black panties holding a riding crop, looking at me with that same look she did earlier in the night.  i knew there was trouble, and i knew i wasn’t getting let out of my cb-6000.  Needless to say she tortured me, my nipples were scratched, pulled, and beaten.  The various floggers, canes and crops continued to hit hard on my legs and chest.  i was a wreck, i was in a submissive state and was submerged in a space that i rarely get into. Needless to say i was about to burst out of my cb-6000.  The pressure was too much.  i begged and i begged for release and she told me quite sternly “absolutely no way”.  After a series of more begging i told her i would do anything to be granted relief.  She looked at me and said “anything?” i said “yes Mistress, anything!”  she proceeded to unlock me and said “after this handjob, you will be confined for a minimum of 2 weeks”

Scene 2

i agreed to the negotiation and was permitted to orgasm and now i sit here writing this post, looking ahead at a long two weeks of incarceration (i have never done two weeks before).  Whats even worse is more toys arrived from the Stockroom and Mistress is planning on using them on my very shortly.  The excitement is too much for me to bear!  help!!

What should i do to keep my mind off of my predicament?


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