Ode to my Mistress

Mistress Lisa wants to accelerate my slavery
March 5, 2008, 11:19 am
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i am pleased to write today that my Mistress and i have arrived at a new point in our 24.7 Mistress/slave relationship, it all came last night as i was out with some of my friends having a beer discussing the things you talk about among friends, when all of a sudden my Mistress starts assaulting me with emails to my Blackberry. While i was enjoying the time with my friends i immediately became intensely frustrated as Mistress delivered message after message of blog posts that she had been reading. The frustration was sexual as i have not been able to touch myself since Saturday and i have 10 more days to go of being locked in my chastity device. It seems she had found a blog called “slaveboy in Marital bliss” and it sparked her imagination. In fact i think it hit a comfortable nerve because she used the word “intriguing”.

Here are some excerpts from the post:

“From this point on, you will not check Email without my permission. You will not go outside of the house without my permission. You will not go to the bathroom without checking with me, and unless I tell you otherwise, you are to remain naked in my presence. Do you understand, slaveboy?”

“I sat back down on the ground at Mistress’s feet, silent, as she continued conversing with Susan. I don’t know how long it was, but about ten, maybe fifteen minutes passed and it seemed to feel normal, my sitting naked at my Mistress’s feet even as she talked with her friend. I was her pet, her slave, just another accessory in her life.

“A while later, Mistress had me serve tea for her and Susan while wearing my high heels and new “pretty clothes.” (the extra lacey and see through black women’s lingerie top she had recently bought for me). That outfit seemed to make Susan smile wide, which made me feel very very small.

“She caned me that night (which at this point is more than a week ago) and I still have a couple of stripes across my ass from that caning. After the caning, she let me eat her pussy till she orgasmed, but denied me any release. “

i sit here as i write this post filled with fear and trembling yet i am extremely energized, motivated and eager to make my Mistress happy. i now wonder,

will i be completely controlled as to ask to do anything?

will i be made out to my Mistress’s closest friends that i am her slave boy?

will i be forced to serve my Mistress and her Friends wearing sissy clothes?

will i be made to with-stand a caning, service my Mistress orally and then recieve nothing in return? (wait a second.. that already happens to me. )

As a summary, i am not sure what Mistress Lisa has up her sleeve for me in the near future. All i know was she was in a particularly great mood this morning, she teased my caged cock an awful lot while getting ready to go to work and gave me that “sadistic” look with a calm and pleasant smile.


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