Ode to my Mistress

How do you cope when you are Highly, Extremely, Uncontrollably Frustrated when locked in Chastity?

i can’t take it any more! am i a wimp? am i soft? am i going to lose my mind? its only been 6 days of no release and i am going bonkers. The cb-6000 is locked on, its not going off and i cannot cum! i am going completely and absolutely bonkers. i am filled with lust, passion, ideas and my mind cannot stop racing. i’ve been thinking about Mistress, Bondage, Pain, and things I never thought would interest me. i’m going to compound this with the fact that Mistress made me worship her entire body last night and still i have no relief in site for at least another 8 days. *gulp* i’m not even at the half way point yet! i feel like she has swallowed the key and there is no way out!


i need help from my fellow submissive chastized males? How do you cope with being locked up for more than a week? (i must admit, this will be the longest i’ve ever gone!)

Can’t wait to hear some feedback, i desperately need some moral support!


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You need to focus on the feelings of arousal without taking to “omigodiamsofrigginhorny!”

Easy for me to say.

But that’s what works for me – don’t think about “I can’t jerk off”, think about “I’m really aroused and I’m enjoying this.”

Comment by Tom Allen


What has worked for me in the past is to turn that feeling of frustration (essentially a “selfish” feeling, in the sense that it is *me* centered, all about what I want and can not have) towards doing things to please Mistress.

In my case, that means sublimating it towards other activities like keeping the house clean, serving Her in non-sexual ways, being attentive, giving her footrubs, generally doing whatever she wants, knowing that my main purpose is to be in service to Her.

The more I can do that, the more peaceful I feel (and the more generally turned on I feel, without it becoming too excruciating).

Have fun!

Comment by Thomas Habib

Redirect all that energy to pleasing your mistress, my friend. When the frustration approaches unbearable, ask yourself, “what more can I do to help her?” Cleaning, laundry, massage, writing something for her . . . whatever you know she likes.

In this way, even ironing her shirts for her can become a highly charged erotic experience for you. And I bet she’ll enjoy it, too. . . and if you’re really lucky, she’ll enjoy it on several different levels. ;?)

Comment by odysseusbound

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