Ode to my Mistress

bring on the whips, ropes and chains for i crave to go deeper, but only if that pleases You
March 7, 2008, 11:42 am
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Its been a long week, every moment of every hour of every day i have been constantly reminded of my slavery to my Mistress.  Words cannot express how overly frustrated, and humbled i am.  i have been locked in my cb-6000 for a week now and my mind is completely under her control.  i am amazed at how incredibly powerful my Mistress is, for the first time ever i feel completely at her mercy for she has asserted complete control over my body and mind.  i know i must with-stand this torture for another week.  The only thing left for me to do is embrace these feelings and trust that she will take me to places that neither of us have gone before.  This feeling is similar to the feeling i got last weekend when she beat me senselessly as described in one of my previous posts.

bring on the whips, ropes and chains for i crave to go deeper, but only if that pleases you

i remain, in sub heaven


How do you cope when you are Highly, Extremely, Uncontrollably Frustrated when locked in Chastity?

i can’t take it any more! am i a wimp? am i soft? am i going to lose my mind? its only been 6 days of no release and i am going bonkers. The cb-6000 is locked on, its not going off and i cannot cum! i am going completely and absolutely bonkers. i am filled with lust, passion, ideas and my mind cannot stop racing. i’ve been thinking about Mistress, Bondage, Pain, and things I never thought would interest me. i’m going to compound this with the fact that Mistress made me worship her entire body last night and still i have no relief in site for at least another 8 days. *gulp* i’m not even at the half way point yet! i feel like she has swallowed the key and there is no way out!


i need help from my fellow submissive chastized males? How do you cope with being locked up for more than a week? (i must admit, this will be the longest i’ve ever gone!)

Can’t wait to hear some feedback, i desperately need some moral support!

My Mistress blows my Mind!
March 5, 2008, 8:45 pm
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W/we are really getting into this! Our journey into the 24.7 state continues and my Mistress told me tonight that she is very happy with how things are going and is so encouraged by the way i have been of late. i must admit that something is going on inside of me. i am giving myself up fully for my Mistress, i am focused and motivated to ensure her needs are always met first and foremost. i am invigorated and wake up in the morning filled with energy to serve and ensure her life is easier.

This evening we read some blogs together from other people in the Femdom community, we talked a lot about how we are moving forward. She was so very happy, instructed me to head to the bedroom and strip. i awaited her presense. She dressed in a sexy pair of crotchless panties, and i was given the priveledge of pleasing her orally. i remained chaste as always and i turned into submissive mush..

After Mistress received her pleasure, i was dismissed, she rolled over and said “10 more days, if your good!”


i still remain extremely frustrated but totally fulfilled.

Mistress Lisa wants to accelerate my slavery
March 5, 2008, 11:19 am
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i am pleased to write today that my Mistress and i have arrived at a new point in our 24.7 Mistress/slave relationship, it all came last night as i was out with some of my friends having a beer discussing the things you talk about among friends, when all of a sudden my Mistress starts assaulting me with emails to my Blackberry. While i was enjoying the time with my friends i immediately became intensely frustrated as Mistress delivered message after message of blog posts that she had been reading. The frustration was sexual as i have not been able to touch myself since Saturday and i have 10 more days to go of being locked in my chastity device. It seems she had found a blog called “slaveboy in Marital bliss” and it sparked her imagination. In fact i think it hit a comfortable nerve because she used the word “intriguing”.

Here are some excerpts from the post:

“From this point on, you will not check Email without my permission. You will not go outside of the house without my permission. You will not go to the bathroom without checking with me, and unless I tell you otherwise, you are to remain naked in my presence. Do you understand, slaveboy?”

“I sat back down on the ground at Mistress’s feet, silent, as she continued conversing with Susan. I don’t know how long it was, but about ten, maybe fifteen minutes passed and it seemed to feel normal, my sitting naked at my Mistress’s feet even as she talked with her friend. I was her pet, her slave, just another accessory in her life.

“A while later, Mistress had me serve tea for her and Susan while wearing my high heels and new “pretty clothes.” (the extra lacey and see through black women’s lingerie top she had recently bought for me). That outfit seemed to make Susan smile wide, which made me feel very very small.

“She caned me that night (which at this point is more than a week ago) and I still have a couple of stripes across my ass from that caning. After the caning, she let me eat her pussy till she orgasmed, but denied me any release. “

i sit here as i write this post filled with fear and trembling yet i am extremely energized, motivated and eager to make my Mistress happy. i now wonder,

will i be completely controlled as to ask to do anything?

will i be made out to my Mistress’s closest friends that i am her slave boy?

will i be forced to serve my Mistress and her Friends wearing sissy clothes?

will i be made to with-stand a caning, service my Mistress orally and then recieve nothing in return? (wait a second.. that already happens to me. )

As a summary, i am not sure what Mistress Lisa has up her sleeve for me in the near future. All i know was she was in a particularly great mood this morning, she teased my caged cock an awful lot while getting ready to go to work and gave me that “sadistic” look with a calm and pleasant smile.

Wild Weekend Journal Entry
March 3, 2008, 3:32 pm
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Saturday started out as any other, a trip to the pub with the family and an evening of good family fun out.  Arriving home from our Saturday night excursion we found our children fast asleep.  i looked at my Mistress and noticed that evil sadistic look she often has.  My cock twitched with excitement only to realize that it was encased in the plastic chastity cage.  With the kids fast asleep and the night was so young i had a feeling that the night was about to get very interesting.  i however did not know how sadistic she might get as that look does not come across her face very often.

Scene 2

the door to our bedroom is locked, and i am left tied to the bed, completely naked except my cb-6000  encased around my genitals. Mistress walks into the room, wearing a fresh pair of black panties holding a riding crop, looking at me with that same look she did earlier in the night.  i knew there was trouble, and i knew i wasn’t getting let out of my cb-6000.  Needless to say she tortured me, my nipples were scratched, pulled, and beaten.  The various floggers, canes and crops continued to hit hard on my legs and chest.  i was a wreck, i was in a submissive state and was submerged in a space that i rarely get into. Needless to say i was about to burst out of my cb-6000.  The pressure was too much.  i begged and i begged for release and she told me quite sternly “absolutely no way”.  After a series of more begging i told her i would do anything to be granted relief.  She looked at me and said “anything?” i said “yes Mistress, anything!”  she proceeded to unlock me and said “after this handjob, you will be confined for a minimum of 2 weeks”

Scene 2

i agreed to the negotiation and was permitted to orgasm and now i sit here writing this post, looking ahead at a long two weeks of incarceration (i have never done two weeks before).  Whats even worse is more toys arrived from the Stockroom and Mistress is planning on using them on my very shortly.  The excitement is too much for me to bear!  help!!

What should i do to keep my mind off of my predicament?

Focusing on Mistress’s needs – what do you do to maintain focus?
February 25, 2008, 8:28 pm
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i want to continue on the theme of living the 24.7 femdom lifestyle despite the challenges and moods that life throws at us. This post is being written as an inspiration to the brilliance of the comments written by both Mrs Claudia and Tom Allen on my previous post. Mrs Claudia’s words of wisdom included “Focus your mind on ways you can enhance her life or something extra you can do to make her day easier. Remember, this lifestyle of D/s is a gift from her.” and Tom wrote “Stop thinking about what you’re missing, i.e., wanking, and try to focus on being more, uh, focused”

So with that i have decided that each week i will take an element of my Mistress’s life and attempt to make that element easier for her. On a household management level:

1. Accelerating her organizational tools (coordinating her planner, organizing her clothes, and getting home on time from work)

2. Ensuring our Bedroom is always in tip-top organized state so that in the morning she always knows where her clothes are for the day.

3. Always ensuring her stuff is put away when she comes home, and encouraging her to drop everything when she gets home only for me to clean up after her.

4. Create a schedule to ensure laundry, bills, cleaning and baths for kids is always done on a specific day.

On an “inner need” level:

1.  Tell her that she is the most important Person in the world to you and are not worthy of her attention

2.  Thank her for controlling your orgasm in making you a better man (thank you Mrs Claudia)

3.  Kneel before her before bed time, requesting permission to come into her bed

4.  Focus on listening to her every word and command aiming to never missing a thing (wow am i shooting high)

These elements are simple things i can do to make the life of my Mistress that much better and my job as a submissive that much more rewarding.

What do you do to focus on your Mistress’s needs?

How to handle bad moods when striving for 24.7, suggestions?
February 24, 2008, 5:30 pm
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After a grueling week locked in my chastity device and spending much of that time juggling work, family and of course plenty of service to my Mistress i was let out of my device for a weekend furlough.  The device will be placed back on at the beginning of the work week being Monday.

My Mistress has been fighting a brutal cold and i have been doing my best to ensure her needs are met and the kids are taken care of.  Yet, still i can manage to  wake up in the morning sometimes being in a foul mood.   This obviously does not impress Mistress which leads either to longer lock down periods or being completely “ignored” sexually.  i find when i am locked in my cb-6000 it is easier for me to maintain my cheerful, submissive disposition, but when on furlough it creeps away?  Don’t get me wrong, i do experience bad mornings with my device on, especially if i have had no sleep but for some reason i can handle it better.  i am thus faced with a conundrum, am i faced with a life being locked up with no break?  but.. everyone needs a break once in a while?

My question to all of you is how do you maintain your zone of submission when outside of the cage?